3200 Luxury Restroom Suite

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The exceptional design of RAD's 3200 Luxury Suite mobile restroom trailer provides our customers the mobility to go virtually anywhere. The unit is operable by using two 110 volt 20 amp power sources for the lights and heat or air conditioner. (Unit pulls a maximum of 20 amps.) Water is supplied by a standard outside house/lawn outlet and garden hose. The 3200 Luxury Suite houses a substantial 900 gallon waste holding tank that reduces the amount of service visits.

3200 Restroom Suite Trailer Mens 01

3200 Restroom Suite Trailer Mens 02

3200 Restroom Suite Trailer Mens 03

3200 Restroom Suite Trailer Womens 01

3200 Restroom Suite Trailer Womens 02

3200 Restroom Suite Trailer AC Air Conditioning

3200 Luxury Restroom Suite 38' 2" L x 10' 4" H x 8' W

Overall length is 38' 2", which includes front, rear exit decks and towing apperatus.

3200 Restroom Suite Trailer Floorplan Layout Phoenix

Our 3200 Luxury Restroom Suite requires:

Power - two (2) dedicated 20 amp/110 volt power outlets to run both indoor and outdoor lighting, A/C & heater.

Water - 20 psi (standard garden hose). There is no on-board fresh water tank.

Both above sources must be within 100ft of unit placement.

*RAD does not charge fuel or environmental fees

Phoenix: 480-226-0270
Tucson:  520-881-4227

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